Recommendations for poster presentations

Content: the poster must reflect the following necessary parts: title, information about the author (name, surname; represented institution; contacts – e-mail), the description of the investigated problem, research methodology, obtained results and conclusions, list of literature.

Poster format: A1 format (594 x 840 mm), portrait orientation of the sheet. 

We recommend providing as little text as possible, focusing on visual information (tables, pictures, etc.). It is suggested writing the titles (recommended size – 100 pt) and subtopics (recommended size – 50 pt) in capital letters. The rest of the text should be of sufficient size and easy to read (25 pt size is recommended, with at least one line space between lines). Bold, italic or underlined text should be used only for particularly significant text elements. Abbreviations should be avoided in the text.

Posters must be hung in a designated area before the conference begins.