Guidelines for the scientific nominations

At the Conference of Junior Researchers in Psychology, each year three scientific awards are granted: 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.

The criteria and process for the nominations are as follows:

  1. Awards are granted for the most scientifically valuable and best-prepared abstracts.
  2. The prize is awarded based on the content of the abstract, and not the (oral or poster) delivery.
  3. Award-winning presentations are selected by the science committee.
  4. The science committee receives abstracts from the organizational committee or reviewers.
  5. Members of the science committee receive reports based on the procedure described in point 4, without the names nor the affiliations of the authors.
  6. The evaluation process of the abstracts follows this order: each member of the scientific committee selects their 3 best reports. The best-rated abstract receives 3 points, the second-best – 2, and the third-best – 1 point. After summing up the points, the report with the most points receives the 1st degree scientific award, the second with the highest number of points – the 2nd degree scientific award, the third – the 3rd degree. If two or more reports receive the same number of points, the prize is awarded to the one selected by the chairperson of the science committee.
  7. Awards are nominated during the Conference of Junior Researchers in Psychology. Award-winners are not informed in advance.
  8. If the participants who were awarded do not come to the conference or do not deliver the presentation, their prize may be allocated to another participant according to the procedure described in point 6.