Recommendations for oral presentations

When preparing oral presentations, we suggest using the information provided here:

The duration of oral presentation is 10 minutes. Please do not exceed this limit so that there is enough time for all presentations in the session.
We recommend preparing visual material to supplement the message: this will make it easier for listeners to keep their attention and understand the presented information. Visual material should be prepared using the MS PowerPoint program, .pptx or .ppt format.

The information displayed on the screen should be clear, consice, and visually well visible. We advise you to present the trends verbally and the numbers – on the screen: this will make it easier for the listener to understand the information, as numbers stated verbally are difficult to comprehend. Avoid presenting more than 1-2 images per minute. When preparing visual information, it is important to remember that the presented material should be clearly visible.

Text. No more than 7 lines of text should be displayed on the screen and no more than 5-6 words per line. For separate statements, we recommend starting on a new line and separating them with numbers or symbols. We recommend using bright capital letters (e.g. size 40 pt) for titles. In the text, the letters should be 20-30 pt in size.
Graphs. Avoid putting too much information into one graph, as it will become too confusing. It is desirable that the graph should have up to 4-6 bars and 2-3 lines.

Tables. We suggest avoiding detailed and large tables – rather give preference to graphs: the information presented in this way is more visual. If it is necessary to use tables, it is preferable that they contain no more than 3-4 columns and 6-7 rows.

Schemes and models. We suggest using schemes or models only when: 1) they are based on the research results of the author of the report; 2) they are necessary in order to understand the problem of the author’s research. Avoid presenting complex theoretical models if they are not necessary: ​​the audience might not be able to understand them in 10 minutes.